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Groups (Fan/Community/Etc.)

If you would like to submit your Fan Group for consideration at our events, please complete the following form and we will contact you if accepted.

Your application has been received!

The Details

All space will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis with approval from VXV Events, LLC. No spaces will be given without explicit approval.

Fan groups may not sell anything at their booth unless donations exclusively benefit a charity. Any sales not going to a charity will require the purchase of a vendor booth.

Priority is given to fan groups who have interactive displays and events at their booth, i.e. photo ops with costumers, Blast a Trooper or Dalek, or similar type attractions.

Priority is also given to fan groups signing up for multiple events. If you are part of a regional or national group with directors in different states, you do not have to sign up for that event. Please sign up only for events you are interested in and plan to attend.

As with cosplayers, weapons and other accessories must be approved by a member of VXV Events, LLC prior to admittance, and costumes must follow all regulations set forth in the cosplay section of our websites.

In return for space, the group should promote their appearance at the convention and the event in general. Upon approval, fan group should submit pictures and a short biography for use on websites and social media.

Fan group will only be provided the designated amount of space agreed upon. Please do not exceed the bounds of your space or infringe upon aisles or other groups.


Fan group passes will be distributed on a case-by-case basis. Passes are weekend only (where applicable) and may not be transferred or sold. Any additional passes must be purchased for full price at the ticket counter/box office.

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